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◎ Accessories Box 

◎ Jewellery Box

Each handcrafted piece is unique, giving its own story to tell!

Each piece is handcrafted by colorlette in Singapore. Each handcrafted piece is completely unique and cannot be replicated. Air bubbles are part of the characteristic due to the organic nature of materials used.

Photos are for illustration purposes. All items are crafted by hand, meaning no two pieces are the same. However, you can expect your handcrafted piece to be one of a kind. At colorlette, all pieces go through numerous of strict inspection processes before shipping out to all our customers.

Handcrafted from Resin.


LENGTH 10.5cm WIDTH 10.5cm
HEIGHT 6.3cm


To clean, wipe with a damp soft cloth, follow with a dry soft cloth and air dry.
Item is waterproof and non-toxic.
Item is heat resistant up to 55°C.
Item is strong and durable. However as per other items, they can break when dropped or knocked against hard surface, and should be handled with care.


Handling & shipping takes 7 to 14 days.                           
Free doorstep shipping within Singapore.
International shipping available.
All prices stated in Singapore Dollars (SGD).