Aries Zodiac Sign
March 21 - April 19

This is a great month to make powerful career moves, thanks to a major boost you'll be getting to your 10th House of Career. It all begins with a spectacular New Moon in that area, acting as a launchpad for whatever goals you may be working on. Once Mars moves here as well, he'll be sending you a major surge of ambition and initiative to move those career mountains. Then Venus turns direct in your 10th house on January 29, allowing you to implement any revisions you've made in how you monetize your professional gifts.

A Full Moon in your home and family sector on January 17 might incite more than its fair share of drama. You could be torn between your professional opportunities and a domestic issue that requires your attention. Resentment is possible, particularly if both situations are equally important, so try to address them in a balanced way. Romance isn't as much of a focus this month -- but when Mercury turns retrograde in your social sector on January 14, you might be rethinking your relationship with one of your pals. You might have more affection for them than you thought!


Taurus Zodiac Sign
April 20 - May 20

Big thoughts about new success might fill your heart and mind this month! It all begins with the New Moon on January 2 in your 9th House of Beliefs and Spirituality. You could, at last, feel ready to live by a new life philosophy you've curated lately, thanks to Venus also being retrograde in this part of your chart.

Speaking of Venus, by the time she turns direct on January 29, you may be able to implement whatever shifts in perspective you've crafted that are more about your love life dynamics as well. Letting go of out, outworn beliefs that could be sabotaging your heartfelt connections is possible at the Full Moon in Cancer on January 17.

Mischievous Mercury turns retrograde in your career sector on January 14, creating a necessary pause to fix whatever professional plans require adjustment. It won't last long -- Uranus turns direct in your sign on January 18, after having been retrograde for several months. The sudden growth spurts and massive changes in your life journey are likely about to resume. Buckle up!

Gemini Zodiac Sign
May 21 - June 20

Opportunities to work on your finances -- particularly investments or retirement plans -- are likely heading your way, thanks to a New Moon in your 8th House of Joint Finances on January 2. You might even hire a brand-new accountant or financial advisor to help you achieve this aim. If you're in a relationship and share money with your love, then there's a lot going on in this area for you! Your partner might get news that he or she will receive a raise or hefty bonus. One of you could also get an inheritance or receive some settlement money. Once Venus moves direct in this same area of your chart on January 29, you can really start to implement those plans in order to align with your financial goals. The New Moon on January 17 might heighten any insecurity or anxiety you have about money matters. Don't let it undo you!

When it comes to your love life, things may have been a little more contentious lately -- but at least they haven't been boring! Still, you'll probably appreciate it when Mars leaves your partnership sector on January 24 to make way for peace in your relationship or dating prospects.

Cancer Zodiac Sign
June 21 - July 22

Your main focus as 2022 begins is probably partnership and love. A New Moon lands in your relationship sector on January 2, followed by a Full Moon in your sign on January 17. If you're single, you never know what sort of exciting people you might meet! For those already coupled, you may be ready to create new plans with your mate -- but could encounter some resistance if your partner doesn't feel like they have enough control over things. If you're casually dating someone, this month might be a turning point! Between the lunar events mentioned above and Venus still moving retrograde in your partnership sector until January 29, you may deepen your commitment in some way or realize that you and your sweetheart are better off living separate lives. Watch out for potential drama!

In other news, logical Mercury turns retrograde on January 14, signaling a time to carefully reassess your finances. You might experience a frustrating delay in a loan or mortgage approval process. Frustratingly, you could find out that you've made a mistake in your investment strategies. Your money may need a reboot!

Leo Zodiac Sign
July 23 - August 22

It's time to make major strides in work and health matters. This month, you might see a turning point in both areas thanks to a New Moon landing in your wellness sector on January 2. Along with the fresh potential to get a new job, hire a life coach, or successfully start a diet plan, you could also find that by the end of the month you both love what you're doing and are extremely motivated to succeed.

On the other hand, things may be more confusing to navigate when it comes to matters of the heart. Mars, currently in your romance sector, will square off with murky Neptune on January 11. A lover's actions might not align with the behavior you have come to expect -- some disappointment is possible! Luckily, coping with this may become easier once Uranus, ruler of your commitment sector, turns direct on January 18. You can get ready for an unexpected change to help spice things up if you're in a relationship! Also, since Uranus is in your career sector, it could be time for a new direction professionally.

Virgo Zodiac Sign
August 23 - September 22

Your love life is on fire as 2022 begins! A New Moon lands in your 5th House of Love and Pleasure on January 2. If single, this is one of the most auspicious indicators that someone very special could walk into your life and color your world at any moment. This person might be from your past, since Venus is still retrograde here until January 29. They may instead be a brand-new person -- but still have that karmic and very weighty feel to it immediately. This might be serious romantic business! If you're in a relationship, then all of this romance sector energy could be about having a baby. Passionate Mars enters your 5th house on January 24, so there should be no shortage of fun moments to make that magic happen!

In other news, Mercury, your ruler, will turn retrograde on January 14. This happens in your work and health sector, showing you that it's time to re-evaluate your health habits and make changes accordingly. Getting a second opinion if you have a health ailment is a good idea. Outside of your personal life, you may have some extra fact-checking and detail work to do. The results should be worth your extra time!

Libra Zodiac Sign
September 23 - October 22

Your domestic world is spotlighted this month! A New Moon in your home and family sector on January 2 places the focus on brand-new beginnings here in one way or another. A literal move to another home is possible, but you might instead -- or also -- go in a new direction in a current family relationship. Perhaps you'll take on a new domestic responsibility and if so, you can do it with grace. Venus is retrograde in the same area of your chart until January 29, so you might be ironing out some wrinkles in family financial matters. With time and effort, you can sort it all out!

When it comes to your love life, things could get messy after Mercury spins retrograde in your romance sector on January 14. An ex might try to communicate with you -- even if it's not welcome, they might keep reaching out. You may need to block this person on social media and your phone if you're not open to receiving messages. On the other hand, if you are interested in communicating with them, an unexpected conversation could come from this. You might also find yourself at a professional crossroads thanks to the Full Moon on January 17. Two different options may tug on your heartstrings, as a situation at home and a project or task at work both call your name. Do your best not to lose balance!

Scorpio Zodiac Sign
October 23 - November 21

You've got so much going on in your mind as 2022 begins that it might feel difficult to focus on any one thing. New ideas are likely during the New Moon in your message sector on January 2. Consider writing down everything that comes to you in a journal, allowing you to organize your thoughts later. Fresh communications ventures could come your way when you're involved in a karmic situation with others, thanks to Venus being retrograde in this part of your chart until January 29.

Then, adding to the mix, a Full Moon occurs in your 9th House of Inspiration on January 17 and asks you to let go of outworn beliefs that are only weighing you down. All of this encouragement in your communications houses could be about launching an advertising or marketing campaign for a book, podcast, or product you want to sell. No matter what you want to do, it all looks promising! Unfortunately, family dynamics might become confusing after Mercury turns retrograde on January 14. Curveballs could fly at you in close relationships! Unpredictable Uranus turns direct in your partnership sector on January 18, so changes are definitely coming.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign
November 22 - December 21

Your financial landscape might require attention as 2022 begins -- but you're almost certainly on top of it! A New Moon lands in your earned income sector on January 2, and Venus is still retrograde in this area of your chart through January 29. Between the two of them, Luna and Venus are offering you a wonderful chance to make budgetary revisions as well as to strategize the best ways to make more cash.

Meticulous Mercury turns retrograde in your communication sector on January 14, prompting you to renegotiate a contract or revise any marketing ideas you may have.

With energetic Mars still in your sign until January 24, you're likely raring to go and should have a continued boost of stamina and passion to pursue your endeavors. On January 11, however, this might not be the case -- Mars will square foggy Neptune, potentially clouding your mind with overwhelming nerves regarding a domestic matter. Fortunately, this anxiety should pass quickly. That said, quickly doesn't mean easily. The Full Moon in your vulnerability sector on January 17 could require an adjustment in your attitude about intimacy. Whether you're single or attached, you will probably feel this deeply.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign
December 22 - January 19

Out with the old, in with the new! Thanks to the New Moon in your sign on January 2 and Venus continuing to move retrograde until January 29, you're likely more than ready for some fresh air. You might feel like you're way overdue for a new beginning that matches your identity and life goals.

If you've started the new year with relationship difficulties, they're likely to peak this month. Venus Retrograde wants you to use this karmic ending period to free yourself from any relationship that no longer fits. The Full Moon in your partnership sector on January 17 might lead to an ending if that's the case. Either way, get ready for a major adjustment in your love life or some illumination about your partnership needs.

When Mars enters your sign on January 24, you should finally be able to get moving and put all of your plans into action. Practically nothing will be able to stop you as you throw every mountain out of your way. Look out!

Aquarius Zodiac Sign
January 20 - February 18

Powerful forces may be at work behind the scenes, no matter how quiet things seem in the beginning of this month -- and this year. A New Moon lands in your 12th House of Hidden Things on January 2, while Venus still remains retrograde in the same sector until January 29. This can truly be breakthrough time for any unresolved relationship or financial anxieties that might be preventing you from living your most fearless, fulfilled life.

Mercury turns retrograde in your sign on January 14, presenting you with the necessary space to review how you're communicating your thoughts and ideas out in the world. If you feel misunderstood, it's possible that you're sending out some mixed signals. Again, this might be due to a certain level of nerves or uncertainty about your plans. Double-checking your facts and examining why you're doing and saying things is extra important now. In love and relationships, it is possible that you'll feel more confused than usual about where you are during Mercury Retrograde. Hold off on final decisions until next month -- you should have all the clarity you need by then.

Pisces Zodiac Sign
February 19 - March 20

Your social life is buzzing as 2022 begins -- although it might not look exactly the way it did in 2021. Venus is still retrograde in this part of your chart through January 29, prompting you to weed out any friendships or other connections that no longer make you feel valued or add to your life in a meaningful way. The New Moon on January 2 brings an opportunity for a more strategic approach in your social life. You might be able to forge connections with new pals who are more aligned with your goals and personal integrity standards.

Your love life could demand your attention at the Full Moon on January 17. Due to it landing in your romance sector, this is an emotional turning point where you might need to confront uncomfortable but deep feelings you have for someone. Alternatively, if a love affair has lost its sparkle, you and your sweetheart might decide to go your separate ways.

On the other hand, your career is likely still on fire for most of the month, thanks to Mars trekking through your 10th House of Authority and Power until January 24. Be sure not to trip yourself up on January 11, when Mars and Neptune square off. You might second guess your goals or lose your steam for a moment, but keep on pushing and you can definitely make it through!