Aries Zodiac Sign
March 21 - April 19

Your social life is pretty sweet near August 3; a Full Moon in your friendship sector could leave you extra sentimental about your tribe. In your opinion, the more someone has the chops to fly their personal freak flag, the more he or she belongs in your social circle. Expect to have a grand old time with your tried-and-true pals.

Your domestic life isn't too shabby this month either. With Venus moving into your family sector on August 7, you can look forward to extra peace and harmony with relatives. The comforts of home mean more to you now and you'll find that others are drawn to your place to feel nourished and restored.

When it comes to love, your heart will be full at the August 18 New Moon. Landing right in your romance sector, single Aries have every opportunity to cultivate a new romance. If you're already happily attached, then it looks like playful and extra fun-loving vibes are coming your way from your sweetheart. Enjoy!


Taurus Zodiac Sign
April 20 - May 20

Professional fulfillment is yours this month! A Full Moon at the top of your chart on August 3 might bring you a special honor, award, or even the promotion of your dreams. Since your ruler, Venus, also moves into your communication sector on August 7, it's very possible that you're wrapping up negotiations on a financially lucrative agreement. You might also see an improvement in your income if you work in sales, marketing, or communications.

If you're single, then after August 19 it's possible that your dating options will open up. Mercury moves into your romance sector, bringing plenty of intellectually stimulating conversations with potential sweethearts your way. You might even find yourself on the phone for hours with someone special. Taken? A New Moon on August 28 could be when your family tells you just how adorable you and your lover are as a couple. You might not be able to keep your hands off each other!

Gemini Zodiac Sign
May 21 - June 20

If you've been wrapped up in a legal matter, you're likely to untangle yourself from it after the Full Moon on August 3. You'll be relieved to put this behind you once and for all.

Money is looking extra pretty for you this month! On August 7, Venus moves into your 2nd House of Earned Income, where she'll remain through September 6. You can fully anticipate extra cash fattening up your wallet somehow; you might ask for a raise or start a side hustle from home. This could even be due to you selling some things online that you've had lying around the house. Sweet!

Love is all about communication after August 18. A gorgeous New Moon in romantic Leo lights up your message sector. It'll be easy for you to express your feelings for the person who has your heart; you might even be doing this for the very first time. If you're in a solid relationship, then conversation will about children, sex, and fun date night ideas. Be creative!

Cancer Zodiac Sign
June 21 - July 22

You might start out the month paying off a huge chunk of debt. A Full Moon on August 3 lands in the area of your chart connected to money you get from others -- including credit and loans. If the credit cards or student loans have been stressing you out, then you most likely put a solid plan into action and decided to eradicate that debt once and for all. Now, it's time to celebrate!

You're looking absolutely gorgeous from August 7-September 6 thanks to the divine goddess Venus moving through your sign. If you're feeling beautiful on the inside, it tends to show on the outside, and that is the gift Venus in Cancer gives you. It'll also be an amazing boost for your love life and you could meet someone who captures your heart. If you're in a relationship, then you're going to feel more loved by your partner than usual.

After the August 19, you'll have a green light to sign any contracts or make important agreements. Mercury moves into your message sector, giving your brain a major boost in analytical, negotiation, and conversation skills. Use them well.

Leo Zodiac Sign
July 23 - August 22

A relationship revelation is coming your way. Thanks to a Full Moon in your partnership sector on August 3, you might realize just how deeply you love your mate. What is strengthening your bond is the fact that your partner is a little bit "out there" in his or her nature. This authentic individuality is so attractive to you. On the other hand, it's possible that under the rays of this Full Moon you'll be mourning the one that got away. If you were wary of commitment or tried to keep this person in the friend zone for too long, then you might realize you've lost a prize in the game of love. Fortunately, you'll lick your paws and quickly move on...

Things turn around at the New Moon in your sign on August 18; there is every indication that you've got your sights set on bright, new horizons. This is not just for your love life -- it's for every area of your life. Aim high and know that, with a little willingness to take a risk, the potential for reward is higher than ever.

Virgo Zodiac Sign
August 23 - September 22

You might be ready to make a radical change in order to improve your health. The Full Moon on August 3 lands in the area of your chart connected to health and wellness. This is also the part of your chart that is ruled by non-traditional Aquarius, so it's likely that you're ready to embrace an alternative healing modality in order to restore your well-being. It looks promising!

In fact, by the New Moon on August 18 in your 12th House of Subconscious, you're likely to see the psychological benefits of any changes you've made at the Full Moon. Perhaps you did a detox of one kind or another and, now that the slate is clean health-wise, you want to make sure you keep those good habits moving forward. This will be a great time to start a meditation practice or spend time alone in order to focus on your spirituality.

Your love life might not be a significant focus this month, but you can anticipate more conversations with your partner after August 19. With Mercury entering your sign, it's likely that you and your mate will be talking about health and work matters or the logistics around a major decision that affects you both.

Libra Zodiac Sign
September 23 - October 22

A Full Moon in your romance sector on August 3 can spell total fulfillment in your love life. You might finally have found the love of a lifetime and, if that's the case, you'll surely want to shout it out from the rooftop! This might also be connected to pregnancy, so if you have been trying for a baby, it's very possible that you'll hear exciting news.

Venus, your ruling planet, moves to the top of your chart on August 7, signaling a time of professional reward through September 6. Your boss might give you a raise or some major accolades over the next several weeks. It's also a great time to launch your own business if you've been considering it.

There's a New Moon in the area of your chart that rules hopes, wishes, and dreams on August 18. Yes, Libra, this is your once-a-year "make a wish" moment. Set your sights on your greatest aspiration and breathe it into existence. This lunation is magic for you!

Scorpio Zodiac Sign
October 23 - November 21

Your domestic life will be more emotional near the August 3 Full Moon in your 4th House of Home and Family. You might hear sensitive news about a relative or be in the final stages of relocation. It's also possible that someone who has been living with you will move out -- maybe a child going off to college or getting married?

With Venus moving through your 9th House of Mind Expansion from August 7-September 6, learning is definitely a pleasurable pursuit. This will also be a time when you could meet someone who has a great deal of wisdom and life experience to share with you. If you're single, the two of you might start a grand love affair!

With a New Moon at the top of your chart on August 18, it's clear that you've got your sights set on a promotion or new business venture. It might even be something that puts you center stage and gives you plenty of attention. Shine on!

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign
November 22 - December 21

A contractual agreement you have might come to an end near the August 3rd Full Moon. Because this Full Moon is happening in your communication sector, it's also possible you'll finish up a book, speech, or other important writing project that you've been working on.

Learning does seem to be a running theme for you in August. The New Moon on the 18th lands in your 9th House of Mind Expansion and you might be ready to sign up for that licensing or certification course you've wanted to take. This might also be your golden opportunity to spread your message and get your brand of wisdom out there in a much more expansive way.

Love and money are tied together for you after August 7. Venus moves into your 8th House of Shared Resources, bringing a potential opportunity for you and your partner to make bank together. This can be through an investment or another joint venture you embark on that will improve your financial landscape. Exciting!

Capricorn Zodiac Sign
December 22 - January 19

You're in the money this month, Capricorn! A Full Moon on August 3 will land in your 2nd House of Earned Income, pressing your emotional security (or insecurity) buttons when it comes to cash flow. Fortunately, it looks like you've finally made peace with the fact that the more you develop and use your unusual talents in an original way, the more financial opportunity you'll create for yourself. There might be a fantastic investment prospect on the horizon for you as well. The New Moon on August 18 suggests this, or that you'll be busy planting seeds for a new income opportunity.

Your love life becomes extra harmonious after August 7. Venus moves into your partnership sector, bringing a stretch of peace and tenderness to your relationship through September 6. Enjoy every drop of it! If you're dating someone and things are serious, then you might decide to elevate your commitment in some way. Yes, this could mean an engagement or marriage!

Aquarius Zodiac Sign
January 20 - February 18

With a Full Moon in your sign on August 3, you'll surely be feeling more emotionally out of sorts. You're not one who is typically comfortable using an entire box of tissues and crying into your pillow, but early in the month, Aquarius, you might need a good cry. This can be due to feeling stressed or overwhelmed about life, or it might be about a problem you're dealing with in a personal relationship. Either way, let it out. Those tears are cleansing and will give you some much needed relief.

Speaking of a personal relationship, the New Moon in your relationship sector on August 18 will bring this into focus. You might become exclusive with someone you've been dating or make an even stronger commitment. This might also be a time when you and your partner start a fun, creative venture together. This might even include baby-making!

Your job and daily routine become sources of joy after August 7 as Venus moves into your work sector. You might feel really good about yourself health-wise as well, since you're being kind to your body now and paying attention to what it needs for sustenance.

Pisces Zodiac Sign
February 19 - March 20

You might crave more privacy near August 3 when a Full Moon lands in your 12th House of Solitude. Or, it could be that you're working on a top-secret project and you're putting the finishing touches on it. This could also be a recuperative moment for you. If you have been healing from any illness, you might be ready to get discharged from the hospital or rehabilitation center. It will feel liberating! Health continues to be a running theme near the August 18 New Moon. You've got the potential here to make a change in your fitness routine. Exercise that feels like play is key, so explore team sports and games. You might even be ready to hire that personal trainer and pump some serious iron.

Your love life really heats up after August 7 thanks to Venus moving right into your romance sector. If single, this is a gorgeous cycle to help you attract new love. Since Venus will be in domestic Cancer, the person you meet will feel like family. Instant cozy! If you're in a relationship, then your communication improves dramatically after August 19 when Mercury enters your partnership sector. Making decisions together will be much easier.