Aries Zodiac Sign
March 21 - April 19

Your domestic world is changing -- and in a very fortunate way. A glorious New Moon in your home and family sector on July 5 signals the opportunity to relocate, make a change to your existing home, or focus on a bright beginning in your family life. It will be full of joy! At the same time, however, it might be quite costly. Plus, an unpredictable inflammatory expense is likely as Mars and Uranus enable each other in your earned income sector on July 15. You'll handle it.

After all that, Mars enters chatty Gemini and your message sector on July 20, offering you the courage to speak your mind about any and everything. Whether you need to make a vital decision with your sweetheart or negotiate terms on a contract, you've got an edge. If you have a crush on someone, there's no need to hesitate: just get out there and make that first move. The Full Moon at the top of your chart on July 21 also puts you in the spotlight for a professional achievement. Enjoy the glory!


Taurus Zodiac Sign
April 20 - May 20

You've found your voice, and you fully intend to use it. A New Moon in your message sector on July 5 will support all areas of communication. Whether you have a marketing campaign to launch, a vital decision to make, or a contract to negotiate, you've got this!

As Mars makes an impulsive conjunction to Uranus in your sign on July 15, however, you might become slightly unglued about something. You could be quick to anger and quick to stumble into a careless mistake that you'll later regret. Thankfully, this makes for a potentially ultra-passionate time for you and a lover, so if you direct your energy into the bedroom, it's less likely to cause stress.

Once Mars enters your fiscal 2nd house on July 20, your ambitions can strengthen your earning potential. With Mars in clever Gemini, there's every indication that multiple revenue streams can open up for you -- but along with this, there could be added expenses. You may feel like you're juggling finances for a bit, but don't worry. You're probably a master at it!

Gemini Zodiac Sign
May 21 - June 20

Your financial prospects are glittering! A New Moon in your earned income sector on July 5 is making nothing but harmonious aspects, allowing you to maximize any income opportunities that come your way. Whatever financial moves you make now should have you feeling like you can breathe easier.

As Mars enters your sign on July 20, you'll truly feel like the world is yours for the taking. Not only will your overall vitality improve, but so will your ambition and zest for life. You'll have a charismatic edge that excites anyone you're romantically involved with, whether they're your crush or spouse. If you have any major projects or goals you wanted to pursue, this is your time. Success is straight ahead!

A Full Moon in your 8th house on July 21 does signal an ending to a significant financial matter, but it doesn't have to be negative. You could finally pay off a major debt such as a student loan or credit card bill. Maybe you'll receive financing to support payments for a big-ticket item. An investment you made might mature. Anything is possible!

Cancer Zodiac Sign
June 21 - July 22

You're in your glory era as the universe beams with positive energy. New beginnings can be built anywhere at any time, thanks to the brilliant New Moon in your sign on July 5. You're ready to explore something unique connected to your social life, physical appearance, or even inner identity. Whatever you begin this month is blessed!

Later in the month, though, a friend of yours might act in a way you don't know how to address. Mars and Uranus egg each other on in your friendship sector on July 15, prompting impulsive and potentially reckless actions in your social circle. Steer clear of the drama, otherwise you might become collateral damage.

As Mars enters your subtle 12th house on July 20, your energy is sure to shift down a notch. Don't fight it. Instead, understand that recharging your batteries during such a "time out" will serve you well. A relationship turning point is possible near the Full Moon on July 21. You and your love interest can certainly deepen your connection, but it'll only be after an emotionally charged and defining moment.


Leo Zodiac Sign
July 23 - August 22

Until the middle of the month, you might notice that life is quieter than usual. Don't be fooled! By the second half of July, things could get quite hectic.

It all begins on July 15, when Mars and Uranus collide in your career sector. This brings all sorts of commotion to your professional world. Perhaps your boss or another VIP will announce their departure, leaving you reeling. Steer clear of impulsive career decisions that would easily become regrettable. Think not twice, but thrice, before jumping in. Once Mars enters your friendly 11th house on July 20, your social life will become busier than ever. You may find yourself juggling multiple events on your calendar. Single? This boosted sociability can steer you toward multiple opportunities to meet interesting people.

Last but not least, a Full Moon in your work and health sector on July 21 reminds you that you're not invincible. Have you been taking care of yourself? This lunation can force you to leave an unhealthy habit behind. Workwise, you might also decide that a job isn't for you after all.

Virgo Zodiac Sign
August 23 - September 22

Social opportunities can infuse your life with vibrancy. An invitation to a fun group or event could be just the ticket to infuse you with a sparkling sense of community. Befriending like-minded souls should sustain you for years to come. That being said, if you're involved in a legal dispute, there could be trouble near July 15 as Mars and Uranus connect in your serious 9th house. Rashness will not serve you well.

Once Mars enters Gemini and moves into your career sector on July 20, though, you'll notice a sense of immediate triumph. If you've been considering starting a business or reaching for a promotion, this is your chance to act. This will also be favorable if you have a dual career path with many irons in the fire. You've got this!

When it comes to romance, you could experience either a very fulfilling date or the realization that someone you're dating isn't capable of meeting your emotional needs. The Full Moon in your romance sector on July 21 will have you fully aware of what needs to change in your love life, for better or worse.


Libra Zodiac Sign
September 23 - October 22

Your career prospects are glittering! A New Moon in your 10th house on July 5 is sure to bring spectacular opportunities for professional advancement your way. Consider asking your boss for a raise or, if you're self-employed, raising your rates or launching a fresh product or service after this lunation. With Venus also at the top of your chart, anything you start connected to business matters is extra likely to be lucrative.

This should definitely be a blessing, since you might receive an unexpected tax bill or find out that an investment took a nosedive around July 15. Equally possible is an argument with your partner about their irresponsible financial actions. This might lead to excessive contention in your love life.

Fortunately, as Mars enters your curious 9th house on July 20, you can turn your energy to academic or spiritual pursuits. This will be a great time to advance your education, go ahead and sign up for that short licensing or certification class you wanted to take, regardless of the subject. Still, domestic matters may require your attention near the Full Moon on July 21. Brace yourself for emotionally charged news.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign
October 23 - November 21

An opportunity to enhance your life spiritually or academically is just around the corner early in the month. Thanks to a New Moon in your 9th House of Beliefs on July 5, you should feel deeply connected to whatever you're studying.

That said, your love life might be a bit of a roller coaster, due to the erratic Mars-Uranus conjunction in your partnership sector on July 15. Your sweetheart might not be so sweet around this time! They may throw a tantrum about something that truly shocks you. If things are rocky, this alignment might even lead to a breakup. Adding insult to injury, once Mars enters your intense 8th house on July 20, you might find out that you owe more money than you thought to a creditor. You'll want to be more cautious about investments -- especially those that involve high risks.

A Full Moon in your message sector on July 21 could end a contract or other legal agreement. This may relate to business, but it might also be personal, such as a car or apartment lease. Step with care.


Sagittarius Zodiac Sign
November 22 - December 21

Luck is on your side! This July, you may invest in various methods that should add a pretty penny to your retirement savings. Thanks to the extra blessed New Moon on July 5 in your shared resource sector, you can get a superb grasp on your financial plans.

Brace yourself for a potential hiccup in your health near July 15, though, as Mars and Uranus collide in your well-being zone. Make sure your first-aid kit is fully stocked! If your health is fine, this energy might burst free as one of your colleagues has a major tantrum. This may get them fired.

Once Mars enters your partnership sector on July 20, your love life should heat up in exciting (but sometimes frustrating) ways. Your partner could want to infuse your relationship with more passion in a way that's simply overwhelming. Even if you do your best to keep up with your sweetheart's pace, any slowdowns could spark arguments. Single? The cosmos could offer you a partner -- someone you'll actually want to become exclusive with.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign
December 22 - January 19

Your love life might feel like total bliss this month, offering you more romance and pleasure than you can dream up! This is all thanks to a stunning New Moon in your partnership sector on July 5. This New Moon has nothing but spectacular connections in the sky, making it a total blessing for your romantic situation.

You could get engaged or married or decide to be more exclusive with someone you're dating. Singles have a major opportunity to meet someone new.

If you are single, that sudden meeting could happen as early as July 15, when Mars and Uranus meet up in your romance sector. You might think this person is solely interested in a casual hook-up, only to find yourself pleasantly surprised at the deeper connection you share. If you're thinking about having children, this will also be an extra fertile alignment.

On top of all that, a Full Moon in your sign on July 21 suggests an emotionally charged turning point for you. Your needs are out in the open and you'll make sure that they're being met -- even if you have to do so yourself!

Aquarius Zodiac Sign
January 20 - February 18

You might be ready to make a major change to your health, routine, and work. A New Moon in your responsible 6th house on July 5 promises an auspicious fresh start for you in all matters connected to your daily routine. As a result, if you wanted to interview for a job, this is the time to polish up your resume and start your search. This energy is also ideal for initiating a refreshed healthcare routine.

As you try to balance your well-being with your career, watch out for ripples from a domestic dispute. The Mars-Uranus conjunction in your home zone on July 15 could bring an outburst from a family member or a sudden domestic crisis that you have to deal with. Try not to lose your cool as you address this!

Once Mars enters your romance sector on July 20, however, you'll be motivated to pursue all forms of pleasure. If single, you could encounter multiple dating opportunities. If you're in a relationship, you and your sweetheart can have more fun together than you have in ages!

Pisces Zodiac Sign
February 19 - March 20

Love is in the air! A gorgeous New Moon in your romance sector on July 5 is beaming with incredible opportunity to meet someone new and fall head over heels in love with this person. If you're totally single, the one you meet could seem familiar to you, as if you've known each other all your lives. That feeling of "coming home" is very likely, and the best part is that you'll be able to completely open up to it. If you're in a relationship, you and your love might think about expanding your family or commit to having more fun date nights together.

You might speak before you think on July 15 when Mars and Uranus meet up in your communication sector. Think twice before saying anything potentially regrettable! And then, before you open your mouth, think once more. Domestic matters also become hectic once Mars enters your 4th House of Home and Family on July 20. You might start a home renovation project that is messy, noisy, and a bit stressful. Keep reminding yourself how beautiful it will all look once it's complete!