Aries Zodiac Sign
March 21 - April 19

You're sparking with energy early in the month and ready to chase what brings your heart the most joy. The New Moon on August 8 is all about creative expression, so it'll be the perfect time to initiate that brand-new artistic endeavor you've been sitting on. If single, this is also a fabulous lunation to help attract new romance. It's a fertility New Moon for you as well, so baby news could be on the way for some!

Love and relationships are strong themes in August -- especially after August 16. It's then that Venus begins to tour your partnership sector, and you may find yourself genuinely more interested in being half of a couple. It's not that you want to lose your individual identity, but that the idea of a close relationship with another person and being fully integrated as a pair might feel more attractive to you than ever.

The Full Moon on August 22 could easily be a time for your dreams to come true! What is it you've wished for most lately? If you really want it, go for it!


Taurus Zodiac Sign
April 20 - May 20

You've got a bright fresh start in your domestic world this month! A New Moon lands in your home and family sector on August 8. This brings a dose of fun and entertainment for you and your extended family. You might host a major family gathering or attend a celebration with your loved ones. It'll be memorable!

Loving the work you do is a gift that should never be underestimated. When Venus moves into your work sector after August 16, you'll feel this blessing strongly. You might collaborate on a project with a colleague and find that the two of you work seamlessly together. If single, there could be an office romance on the horizon.

Once Uranus turns retrograde in your sign on August 19, you'll begin to feel calmer. Adjusting to any recent changes in your personal life and in your career will be far easier. In fact, the Full Moon on August 22 at the top of your chart might even bring a professional reward your way.

Gemini Zodiac Sign
May 21 - June 20

Speaking from the heart will be much easier after the New Moon on August 8. This lunation falls in passionate Leo and your own message sector, prompting you to open your mouth and express to others exactly what brings you the most joy in life. Does that joy have anything to do with someone you love? It could even have to do with the desire to have a baby and start a family with your special someone. So much is possible!

Adding to this potential is the fact that lovely Venus moves into your romance and children sector on August 16. Your love life will be brimming with sweetness once this happens. If you're in a relationship, then you and your partner might decide to have a child together. Single? This aspect gifts you the most stunning cosmic support to bring new love into your life.

As for the Full Moon on August 22, that might be all about graduating for you. You may complete a certification course or license -- or even earn a graduate degree. No matter where your successes are, congratulations!

Cancer Zodiac Sign
June 21 - July 22

You're in the money, honey! A brilliant New Moon on August 8 lands in your earned income sector, bringing you extraordinary possibilities for your incoming cash. You might develop one of your creative talents and attempt to monetize it -- success looks likely! Another possibility is that your relationship with money is shifting. Working to live rather than living to work is a beautiful possibility for you now. The Full Moon on August 22 could even bring an end to a long-term debt. Bye-bye student loan, credit card, or even mortgage debt!

Venus moves into your home and family sector on August 16, bringing harmonious vibes to you and your clan. Peaceful moments spent with relatives are sure to add to your overall feeling of balance in life. In terms of love, your family will probably get along perfectly with the person you're dating. Go ahead and make those introductions -- if you haven't done so already! And if you're thinking about moving in with your sweetheart, there's beautiful support for that to happen now. Single? Try letting one of your relatives set you up on a date. You might be surprised!

Leo Zodiac Sign
July 23 - August 22

With a New Moon in your sign on August 8, you're definitely feeling on top of the world as the month begins. You know that life is brimming with possibilities and that you are the writer of every chapter in your life story. Are you going to make this one as exciting as can be? That all depends on what you want to do next and how you want to express your creative, vibrant self. If you've been thinking up some big, unique plans, then do it -- now is your time to say yes to life!

Any chaos you've been experiencing professionally is likely to calm down after August 19 when Uranus, the planet of sudden events, will turn retrograde at the top of your chart. His movement allows you time to process any and all of the fast-paced changes that have unfolded in your career lately.

A Full Moon in your partnership sector on August 22 will bring an emotional turning point in a relationship. It's the type of lunar event where you'll realize you're better off without someone ... or that you couldn't possibly live your life without them in it.

Virgo Zodiac Sign
August 23 - September 22

Passionate romantic feelings for someone might start to creep into your heart space at the New Moon on August 8. However, as this lunation occurs in your 12th House of Privacy and Vulnerability, you might feel too insecure to express these sentiments to that special someone -- at least for now.

Your mind will be at its analytical best from August 11-30 as your ruler, clever Mercury, travels through your sign. This will be the perfect time to make any significant decisions that require a thorough fact check or a list of the pros and cons. You can also do quite well in any negotiations at this time.

Financial prospects also look incredible this month. Venus enters your earned income sector on August 16 and will stimulate cash flow towards you. This receptive energy is best harnessed through your own self-confidence. In addition to that, any collaborations with others during this time will likely improve your finances. The Full Moon on August 22 could bring a job transition -- but it is likely to benefit you. Don't be afraid to explore your career and financial options!

Libra Zodiac Sign
September 23 - October 22

Be ready for a fresh start for your social life! A New Moon lights up your friendship sector on August 8, bringing new people into your life who you'll find it fun and easy to hang out with. This might be about finding your tribe, but it can also be about simply finding the people who make you laugh. Whatever it means, it's all good!

Charming Venus, your ruler, enters your sign on August 16. This is a cosmic blessing you'll surely want to maximize! For starters, your confidence can increase, which in turn will shine through for those around you to appreciate. You'll vibrate at a higher level that could be intoxicatingly attractive to others. This is a great transit for love and romance because you'll easily invite love and kindness into your energy field.

Continuing with these themes, a Full Moon in your true love sector on August 22 could bring extraordinary satisfaction for your heart. A depth of shared emotion with someone special will be available. It could also be the release of a major creative endeavor or emotionally fulfilling news about one of your children. Either way, celebrate!

Scorpio Zodiac Sign
October 23 - November 21

Your star is on the rise! With a brilliant New Moon at the top of your chart on August 8, you'll have the most amazing cosmic support to launch any new career projects. This is an awesome time to start a new business, apply for a promotion, or have a vital conversation with a VIP. The more you use your creativity and leadership skills, the more likely you are to be rewarded now.

Your love life becomes much quieter this month. Love planet Venus enters the most reclusive area of your chart -- the 12th House of Secrets -- on August 16. This placement will make you feel like staying under the covers when it comes to love. This could mean happily enjoying extra time cozying up with your sweetheart, but it may also mean a complete time-out from matters of the heart while you do some internal work.

Adding to this is the fact that, Uranus, the planet of sudden change, will turn retrograde in your partnership sector on August 19. The twists and turns happening between you and someone close will settle down -- at least for a little while. Allow yourself to regroup and determine whether or not this connection is still viable.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign
November 22 - December 21

You're ready to explore new horizons, whether they're spiritual, intellectual, or even literal ones! A gorgeous New Moon on August 8 is igniting a sense of adventure and wanderlust in you. If you've felt tied down or even suffocated by life in any way, this lunation will help you release those shackles and remember that life is meant to be one grand adventure. Do whatever it is that makes your heart happiest now -- it's the only way to grow!

Darling Venus moves into your friendship sector on August 16, making it quite possible that your connection with one of your pals is about to turn into something much more romantic. On the other hand, one of your friends could decide to play matchmaker and set you up with someone new. For those who are already in a relationship, then you and your sweetheart are likely to enjoy a great deal of social fun together.

Chaos at the office will be able to calm somewhat after August 19 as Uranus turns retrograde in your work sector. If you've been dealing with unexpected health issues, those should also sort themselves out now.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign
December 22 - January 19

Financial news is coming your way at the New Moon on August 8. It's possible that someone will present you with a monetary gift, or you could decide to move forward with an investment opportunity. Either way, things look promising!

Venus moves to the top of your chart on August 16, bringing amazing support your way professionally. It's likely that you'll be looked at quite favorably through the eyes of your boss or another VIP. This person could clearly see your worth and talents and may even express their appreciation to you. You may also find that you get a raise, honor, or other award connected to your position. One way or another, you'll feel appreciated and valued in your industry.

If your love life has been all over the place lately, you'll be glad to know that the dust will settle -- a little. Uranus, the planet of chaos, will turn retrograde in your romance sector on August 19. No matter what your particular love life storyline is, the instability of it all has the chance to ease up. You'll be grateful for the break!

Aquarius Zodiac Sign
January 20 - February 18

A fresh new start is arriving for your relationship situation -- and it looks absolutely ravishing! A New Moon lands in your partnership sector on August 8. This lunation is in the heart-centered sign of Leo, so there is something very warm and generous about this connection you have with someone. If it's a romantic connection, then sparks are sure to fly. If it's a business opportunity, you might treasure how radiant and fully seen your new business partner makes you feel. Either way, it's a happy condition.

Sweetheart Venus enters your 9th House of Expansion on August 16, giving you even more optimism when it comes to matters of the heart. You are putting all of your faith into a genuine collaboration with someone -- and it may even involve legal ties to this person.

Later in the month, a Full Moon in your sign on August 22 completes this picture of an extraordinary month for your relationships. You can wear your heart on your sleeve and have a complete realization of how this particular connection has meaningfully changed you as an individual.

Pisces Zodiac Sign
February 19 - March 20

If you've been neglecting your doctor's appointments, schedule them after the New Moon on August 8. The best move might be to look into hiring new health care providers if your procrastination is less about scheduling and more about not vibing with your existing ones. Alternatively, for those thinking about making a lateral job move, this is the time to get your resume out there and start the process. The universe is sending you an opportunity to find a job you're bound to love!

In other news, Venus moves into your 8th House of Big Money on August 16. Since Venus is the planet of money, this transit has immense potential to improve your finances. This could be in the form of a lucrative investment, financial gift, or even a line of credit or loan approval.

If you're single, the Full Moon on August 22 will likely put you in "hermit mode," making solitude more satisfying than seeking companionship. Honor what your heart wants. If you're in a relationship, however, assertive Mars in your partnership sector will be at a gorgeous angle to Uranus on the same day. You and your mate can both walk the walk and talk the talk together!